SSX News Release: Market Summary for March 22, 2005

Wed 5:58 ET
Bialik Press
by: Mordechai Antal


Stock prices rose at the fastest pace in 12 months on Wednesday, and stock future indices rose even quicker, amongst fresh signs that demand for existing shares is headed in a positive direction.

Amongst the most active shares were Half-Baked Brownies (HBB) and HoneyK's Cookies N' Cream which were the first two companies to sell out all available shares in their opening IPO. Both companies shares closed at a strong $3.00 from their opening price of $1.00.

Other companies which saw strong trading were The Golden Grill (GDN), Sweet Thangs (SWT), La Petit Poutinerie (LPP), and Loco for Coco (LOC).

The market showed resilience in the face of heightened secondary 3 and 4 fears about stock ownership but a strong showing by stock promoters and lively music were enough to close the indices in a mixed fashion.


In Play

11:34 AM TOP IT! restates results (BSE): At one point in today's trading rumors of a possible takeover attempt of Top It! (TOP) sent a flurry of activity throughout the market and trading was temporary halted as Bialik Securities and Exchange officials investigated. The company re-evaluated several factors used in it estimation of sales and very quickly interest dissipated as a consensus formed amongst analysts to wait for second day trading results. Stand bye for more developments tomorrow when the markets re-open.

1:30 PM BSE officials announce results: 1350 shares were sold in brisk trading in the opening day of the Bialik Stock Exchange 2005 edition. 850 shares are still available to the general public but is should be noted that individual companies have not yet filed their internal share ownership results.

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